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The Case of the Missing LookBook

Like so many of us, I was a student of the Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys school of  sleuthing, so when I didn’t receive my lookbook from Keaton Row as expected the mystery began.

personal shopper

As you may recall from The Lion, The Witch and My Wardrobe, I had followed-thru on a blog written by Lucky Shops regarding personal shoppers. One of their recommended sites is Keaton Row.

keaton row

As requested, I had filled out Keaton Row’s questionnaire, which consists of questions and picture choices. Once the questionnaire is complete, they assign a stylist based on your answers.


Individual stylists have lookbooks you can browse before deciding who you work with. The original stylist Keaton Row chose for me… well, let’s just say I studied her lookbooks and NO! Our taste in clothing could only be described as dissimilar.


Just kidding. This is not from a Keaton Row stylist, the person who did design these outfits probably looks adorable in them.  Hmm, maybe I could have an alter ego – Nona Punk?  I already have the purple in my hair. But I digress.

Since Keaton Row’s chosen stylist didn’t work for me, I  browsed through all their stylists and their sample lookbooks to choose my own.  I chose Markee Benton, requested a lookbook and waited for my email notification it was ready for viewing. And waited some more. After a couple of weeks, I thought “Do they send an email notification or am I supposed to check back on the website?” I checked the website, nothing.  I again requested a lookbook, only to get the same result.

I’d pretty much given up on Keaton Row and began my blog on on-line Personal Stylists.  Yet, the lack of response from Keaton Row nagged at me so like a good disciple of Nancy Drew, I decided to go back one more time.  Perhaps Markee Benton has looked at my questionnaire and said “NO!” “I can’t style this woman!” (Who can blame her? I’d done the same thing with my original stylist!)  Truly, I have no idea what happened to Markee.

However, being a professional company, Keaton Row had assigned me a new stylist, Sara Reardon. I put the blog on hold and requested a lookbook from Sara. She came through almost immediately. I had asked her for an updated look in denim. I received an email shortly after stating my lookbook was ready. In addition, Sara sent me a personal email to get a better feel for my personality as well as what I was looking for. This was more of what I had expected originally.

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 3.47.28 PM

Sara’s lookbook for me consisted of 3 pairs of jeans,


7 blouses (love #’s 3 & 5)


and 1 complete look.

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 3.59.49 PMNaturally, I don’t like everything Sara chose but I do believe that Keaton Row and their stylist, Sara Reardon did a great job delivering on what they promised. These items are more in keeping with what I would wear as well as what I asked for.  Keeping the lines of communication open with Sara should lead to a lasting relationship as well as a fabulous wardrobe!

Afterword – If you try Keaton Row, we’d love to hear about your experience.


The Lion, The Witch and My Wardrobe

On May 5th, 2015 I read Lucky Shops article on personal on-line shoppers. I clicked on the link for each one and eventually chose to try Keaton Row and Stylit.

I simply filled out a questionnaire on both sites, although Keaton Row’s was more extensive. I put some effort into my answers so that you and I could get a good feel for the validity of an on-line personal shopper, and naturally, I wanted to see how they would style me. Would they cater to younger women or would they read my answers in order to know me?

My mother was a former model and she taught me a lot about buying clothes for your body type as opposed to the latest fashion. Go classic!


She also pointed out that you needed to really look at the clothes on the model, if a model doesn’t look great in it neither will you! Unfortunately, in these days of photoshopping it’s quite difficult to determine how a model really looks.


I designed these first three outfits myself at Polyvore. Although this site was not an option in Lucky Shops blog, it is a great place to choose and tweak new outfits. Polyvore also provides links for each item if you wish to purchase. It’s the site to play with different pieces and looks before you buy.

After filling out the Keaton Row questionnaire, they say they choose a stylist they feel would be the closest fit. After seeing my chosen stylist and perusing her look book, I cynically wondered if they chose a stylist who is trying to build her clientele. Her tastes and mine were light years apart! Fortunately, Keaton Row allows you to choose a different stylist if you like. I went through each stylist and chose Markee Benton. I’ve requested a personalized lookbook from her. I waited some time for Markee to reply. Nothing happened.

More on my Keaton Row experience in our next blog. Hint: It got better! Thank you Sara!

Version 2
^^ As to my personal shopper on Stylit, I find it hard to believe she looked at my answers to their questions. While some of the chosen looks would look fabulous on my daughter, they would not flatter me in anyway.

Circus Tent

^^I personally would feel like a circus tent in this dress.

Version 2

^^The hips look like the focal point here, my hips are not something I wish to emphasize.

Again my cynical other half kicked in and has decided that she is promoting certain brands rather than looking to promote me.

Good Choices

^^This look has potential.

choose 1

^^This look would work for me.

In the end, for the over-50 woman,  I can say that Stylit didn’t take the time to understand my needs and therefore didn’t pass my test.  Polyvore is addicting and useful although it doesn’t technically fall in the Personal Shopper category. More on Polyvore and Keaton Row in upcoming blogs!