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No Last Good-bye

As I post this, I wonder what to title it? What to call a blog in memoriam?

I was sitting in the dentist’s waiting room this morning and decided take advantage of his free WiFi. I did the usual email, weather, Facebook. It was on FB that I saw the obituary. My first thought was “No! that can’t be who I think it is!” It was.

Although we weren’t good friends, I had known her for almost 30 years. Barely 2 months ago, S and I were shopping in a craft store when we ran into her. We had a lovely chat, my sister dated her brother, she thought her brother was silly to let my sister go, she taught in my children’s elementary school and asked about them. She did tell me she was having some medical difficulties, but skimmed over them. She wasn’t going to dwell there. As you can imagine, seeing her obituary was a bit of a shock.

It reminds me of all the people I have known. I often think I’ll see them again. We’ll laugh and reminisce a bit. I have tried to make a habit of saying thank you as we part. A few words of gratitude for what they have meant to me, for the gift of their presence in my life.

I am only 58-years-old, more and more I hear of friends passing. It just doesn’t seem possible. They are much too young. There is so much more they planned to do. S and I are always making plans, for road trips, for lunch, for so many things. I tease my sister, when we are old, she will drive and I will navigate, and eventually, we’ll get there. I get the purple hair, she’ll take blue and you can be damn sure, I will have a blinged out cane!

When I see someone who had died so young, I know it’s time to quit making plans and start executing them.

So to you my friend, thank you for your smile, your laughter, and your dedication to children. Yours was definitely a life well-lived. May God bless you.

I sit here quietly, smiling; not only because of my memories of a friend but for all the things in life that have passed, both good and bad. Both were part of the journey. It has been a wonderful journey so far.

Again, I am reminded to let go of the petty little details and embrace the joy, the laughter, the love. Life really is too short and often there is no last good-bye.


Finding Our Way Back to Creativity

I used to make things all the time. Baking, cooking, crafting decorations, gardening, painting… I don’t know where the day goes, I don’t seem to have the time to do these things like I used to. Isn’t that strange, I had the time when my kids were going up.

Do we get lazy or move on to other things? Do we become less organized as we get older, more scattered perhaps? I know I miss painting and gardening, I keep telling myself I just need to do it. Then another day, season, year goes by and I still haven’t started a new project.

I have a so many wonderful memories of making crafts or recipes with friends and family. Days spent in artistic pursuit while enjoying conversation and laughter.

This Christmas, MB and I decided to get back to it.

We made foot balm from a natural recipe and bottled it up for Christmas gifts. We took great delight in designing our own scents and labels, creatively attaching a pair of socks, ribbon, and bells to each jar for a festive look.

We got quite a few laughs as we realized just how rusty we had become in the simple art of tying a bow.


We tried the double boiler method of melting our ingredients, patiently stirring on low heat until MB got impatient, mixed a second batch and stuck it in the microwave. The microwave method is so much quicker, requiring very little effort on our part, leaving more time for constructing our holiday presents.

It was fun :). We got to gab, ok we always gab, still talking, laughing while concocting gifts, well, it was just kind of fun doing a girly thing! I think I’m gonna go buy those paints…

Many thanks to Sarah Lipoff at Popsugar.com for sharing her DIY Sleep Salve recipe.

Camping not Glamping

S – Just got back from camping in Wyoming. Yes, I know its fall and I also know I am not what you consider, “outdoorsy”…so my friends and family were pretty much sure I wasn’t coming back…but,  my cousin who has a little 1957 Comet trailer, invited me, so I thought what the heck. Give it a try!

MB – I was one of those who was sure she wasn’t coming back… I just knew S would lay awake all night worry about bears, mountain lions and those thoughts would lead to darker thoughts. Or when she heard there was only a porta-potty, she’d turn into a quivering mess. Fortunately, there was laughter, a warm fire and alcohol to hold her fears back. Or at least that’s what she tells me.
I can picture S now, she hears a rustling under the trailer, jumps up, grabs the empty wine bottle holding it like a bat in one hand, grabbing a frying pan with the other, she’s got this!

S – haha, anyway, my cousin belongs to a group called Sisters on the Fly. A group of fun, independent women and what a good time! We made lists, we shopped, packed more than enough clothes and more than enough food… which, let’s be honest, is a female trait. When we got there after a 3 hour drive we had to back the trailer into our space. Yes, we took over half an hour and jack knifed the thing time after time but laughed so hard we had tears running down our faces. Awesome!
After setting up our site, we wandered around the camp and began meeting the other women, who also, had some issues backing their campers in. We had a pot luck dinner the first night which again was so female and so delicious! Imagine what a guy’s potluck would look like? Can you say Doritos, hot dogs and beer? I have to admit the night did get cold when the sun went down so after standing around or should I say circling the fire to avoid the smoke for an hour I’d had enough.
The next day we went on a hike and to the hot springs in Saratoga which was so relaxing! We went into Centennial to have dinner that night as it was cold and a few of us just wanted a hot meal in a warm place… yep girls after all! Like I said, I am not “outdoorsy” but that made me want to go again. I might just have to join up with Sisters on the Fly!!


Sisters, Friends, Allies

When we first start life, every little girl is our sister, our friend, our ally. Unfortunately as time passes ugly little thoughts permeate our thoughts and we go through friends like candy. As this phase in our lives we’d like to go back to every woman is our sister, our friend, our ally. We find that we no longer care if our friends are thinner, prettier, have more money, a better car or a man! We embrace all of our nuances, revel in our camaraderie. Friends are to be cherished. If you have even a few that you can trust , confine in, laugh, and cry with, then you are indeed blessed. Grab ahold of them, hug them, support them, let them know how much you love them. Neither of you will be here forever.

We truly enjoy our time with our girlfriends. We spend our time together laughing and empathizing with each other.

The older we get the more we like being around other women. We no longer think of each other as competition. We don’t look at each other and allow envy to enter our thoughts. We are truly happy for each other when something good enters our lives. We are prepared to help each other in any way we can.

Do we like each other because at this point we all have stories to tell? Older woman are interesting, they have been around the block as they say. Come to find out being around the block a few times ain’t such a bad thing. It gives you character.

Boy, oh, boy, do we have character!
Are you a member of a women’s group? Looking for new members? Share with us and we’ll try to help.