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Positively Positive!

We’ve been reading numerous articles to retrain our brains, leaving negative thoughts behind, holding on to the positive. Be happy and excited.

whole miracles

What amused us were the ads associated with these articles. We understand that the authors have very little control over advertisers. Yet, Lose weight now! Count calories! Get out of debt now! Fight Depression! The tone is negative. The words imply pressure instead a joy. Decrease instead of increase. We feel like we inundated with negative media.

No focusing on the negative though, moving on to Positive!

day filled

There is a lot of truth in saying that there are miracles all around us. It’s not difficult to see them if you look. Having this blog posted on the internet where anyone in the world can find it is a miracle. If you doubt it ask anyone over 50!

blue planet

It’s been said a million times, Gratitude is the place to start, live with an aura of gratefulness and everything in life will improve. Who doesn’t love to hear the words “Thank you!”


How do you get away from the influx of negative energy?

There is a huge plus in having one day a week where you turn it all off. The internet, the TV, even your phone. You can concentrate on the positive. Concentrate on you.

We searched for a new way to start every day, Positive and Bright!

We decided to read  Hal Elrod’s book – The Miracle Morning.

Hal Elrod

So far, so GREAT!  We have started our own morning miracles and in about 30 days we’ll let you know just how fantastic it is. If you are already committed to Hal’s program, let us know, we’d love to hear how it changed your life.

Thank you, Hal!

Finding Our Way Back to Creativity

I used to make things all the time. Baking, cooking, crafting decorations, gardening, painting… I don’t know where the day goes, I don’t seem to have the time to do these things like I used to. Isn’t that strange, I had the time when my kids were going up.

Do we get lazy or move on to other things? Do we become less organized as we get older, more scattered perhaps? I know I miss painting and gardening, I keep telling myself I just need to do it. Then another day, season, year goes by and I still haven’t started a new project.

I have a so many wonderful memories of making crafts or recipes with friends and family. Days spent in artistic pursuit while enjoying conversation and laughter.

This Christmas, MB and I decided to get back to it.

We made foot balm from a natural recipe and bottled it up for Christmas gifts. We took great delight in designing our own scents and labels, creatively attaching a pair of socks, ribbon, and bells to each jar for a festive look.

We got quite a few laughs as we realized just how rusty we had become in the simple art of tying a bow.


We tried the double boiler method of melting our ingredients, patiently stirring on low heat until MB got impatient, mixed a second batch and stuck it in the microwave. The microwave method is so much quicker, requiring very little effort on our part, leaving more time for constructing our holiday presents.

It was fun :). We got to gab, ok we always gab, still talking, laughing while concocting gifts, well, it was just kind of fun doing a girly thing! I think I’m gonna go buy those paints…

Many thanks to Sarah Lipoff at Popsugar.com for sharing her DIY Sleep Salve recipe.

Powerball Win

I buy Powerball, MegaMillions and Lotto tickets.

Why not?

Who doesn’t want to have more money than they will ever need? Although your dream of what you would do with that kind of money may be different than mine, I’m willing to bet that everyone has consider at one time or other what they would do with millions of dollars. Yes, I understand that my odds are better with that bet than with the lottery.

I’d also venture to guess that everyone who dreams of winning thinks of ways to help others in addition to themselves. Often for me those are my first thoughts, and I tell myself that I would actually be helping others for purely selfish reasons. In truth, there are several things I would do just for me.

I truly believe that anyone can win and all it takes is 1 ticket with the right numbers to win. The winners, according to news reports, generally fall into two categories.
Those that buy a ticket or tickets every drawing or
Those that bought the ticket on a whim.

Since I subscribe to the theory that I have a better chance of winning if I possess a ticket and in general, I don’t receive a ticket as a gift every drawing, I choose to buy a ticket. Therefore, when I win, I will fall into category A. I look forward to the day I fall into Category A.

Statisticians note that our chance of winning the lottery on a single ticket are one in 175 million. So you buy two, that improves your chances, right?

As I write this, I realize I haven’t checked my tickets today. When I bought it the clerk said, “I hope you win.” I told him I would remember him if I did. Woohoo! I won $3 dollars! Take that statisticians! Slim chance of winning, 1 in 175 million, you say!

It’s amazing how even the smallest win can make us feel victorious.

Excuse me while I go cash in my winning ticket for another winning ticket and give the kind clerk a $1 of my winnings. Sharing the win with him makes the win all that much better.

I can dream and so can you.

What would you do just for yourself if you won a large sum of money?