Olde Town

We found the perfect fall day to visit one of our old haunts.


Olde Town Arvada is about to experience a big changes due to the light rail station.  The increase in foot traffic will be great for the businesses. Parking has always been an issue in Olde Town, so the city has opened a new lot near the movie theaters and offers a shuttle to bring you downtown.


We stopped first at a newer pub, Homegrown. They have a nice patio right on main street, it’s a bit noisy with traffic in the afternoon, so we were seated inside near a window.  The decor is somewhat industrial with a touch of antlers.  It was quite comfortable, the servers were friendly and efficient.

homegrown homegrown-ski-lift antlers

If you want to try a truly delicious appetizer, have the brussel sprouts. They were amazing. We ate every bite, down to the last crumb. Then it was time for a stroll to see what had changed in Olde Town, turns out, quite a bit.


There were a few of the long-time businesses, such as the Arvada Tavern. We’ve eaten here a few times, it’s always good. They did have a Rockabilly group upstairs once in a while, not sure if they still do.  As always the Rheinlander Bakery smelled delicious, they are celebrating their 53rd year. We hurried on by as our taste buds were yearning to go inside, but our waistlines said no!

We strolled on down to  Arvada Bead Connection, a local favorite where the proprietor is very friendly. Sadly, he is having a going out of business sale. With the changing demographic, the rents are being raised and parking removed which doesn’t appeal to his clientele. MB made sure to scoop up several seed bead tubes for future crafting. We wished him the best and moved on.


Fuzzy’s Tacos across the street is said to be good, we haven’t tried it yet.

There are a growing number of new coffee shops, which we are sure will appeal to early morning commuters. If you want to make your commute really good, drop into the Rheinlander. Hey, you’ll be walking to the light rail, so it’s all good!

Our next stop was Third Eye Gifts, upon entering you feel the warmth of positive energy. The proprietor has several Himalayan Salt Lamps lit and producing negative ions. The negative ones are positive! The smell of incense was not overwhelming, just an added touch.


We asked about the singing bowls and the owner took quite a bit of time to demonstrate them and teach us how they work.  We were definitely rookies when he had us try them. I think we’ll be back to purchase one soon. This may be a new favorite shop.


For as chilly as it was, there were still kids in the water park! Located in the center of Old Town, they offer movies here in the summer. During the day, it’s a spot for kids to play while the adults relax on the nearby benches and visit. Near the holidays, a Christmas Tree and other decorations are added. You can also take an old-fashion carriage ride through downtown. We have to admit, this is an improvement on the parking lot that used to sit here.


Schoolhouse Kitchen & Libations is aptly named as it is in the old Arvada School.  We’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about this place. We happy to see them re-purposing the old buildings rather than tear them down. It helps to maintain the ambiance.

A local favorite with children of all ages is Scrumptious Ice Cream and their cement pig mascot.

img_4720 img_4721

He’s a Superhero today, just a few months ago, he was a hippie, but he’s always good for a kids photo-op. The shop itself offers some unusual and delicious home-made ice cream flavors, dark cherry and bourbon flavors are favorites. Everyday they have something different. On one side of the shop is the ice cream parlor, on the other is an old-fashioned candy store with bottled soda. On a hot evening, this place is packed. Right across the street from the light rail station, they’ll be busy all year-round.


We ran out of time to further explore, and there are so many new shops and restaurants to visit.

img_4722 img_4723

Penzeys Spices and Silver Vines Winery are first on the list for our next downtown stroll. Can you imagine how wonderful Penzeys Spices must smell?

If you are in our neck of the woods, be sure to stop by Olde Town Arvada.


Here’s to a Happy Life!


🍁MaryBeth & Sherry 🍂








Fall Transition

Fall Transition

Tuxedo Upgrade 1.0

Tuxedo Upgrade 1.0

Halloween Queen – Catwoman

Halloween Queen - Catwoman

Of Flutterbys and Flower Blooms

Finally! A cool summer day after weeks of 90+ degrees.  We decided to head to Chatfield Farms, division of the Denver Botanic Gardens. This is part of our plan to get out in nature at least once a week.


Our recent heat wave made that goal difficult to follow through with, combining hot flashes with heat waves is a dangerous thing. We try find paths that are not only interesting but shaded too.  Personal misters and water are a must.

Chatfield Farms is a consolidation of several farms that the Army Corp of Engineers took when they built Chatfield Dam, making the area a flood plain. The old farmhouses are still there and kept in good repair for events such as weddings. We were saddened by the stories of families displaced from their homesteads, many had been there for several generations.



Chatfield Farms offers multiple pathways lined with wildflowers, water features and wildlife.


These ducks were more than happy to respond in kind when Sherry quacked at them.

The pathway lead us to a children’s playground and workmen removing what was left of the previous night’s entertainment, Chris Isaak. WAIT! We missed Chris Isaak! We both are huge fans of his. We need to pay a lot more attention to the summer concert schedule.


We neglected to pick up a park map at the Visitor’s Center, so we simply went in the direction that looked most interesting upon reaching a fork in the road.  We did get a bit disoriented, but eventually found our way back to the car.


There were beautiful gardens everywhere we roamed.

IMG_2914 IMG_2928

Many of the flowers we couldn’t identify, so we took pictures to show our horticultural expert, Julie.

IMG_2922 IMG_2921 IMG_2919 IMG_2925 IMG_2943

We tried not to get too close, the bees and bumblebees were out and about.


Bridges were lined with flowers in full bloom. A great spot for photos.


The water features often had nearby benches, creating a very serene area for quiet reflection.


The true highlight of the gardens was the explosion of color, in our semi-arid state, bright colors in nature can lift your mood.


IMG_2950 IMG_2913 IMG_2961 IMG_2959

After touring the gardens we stopped in at the Butterfly Center.


I’ve always called butterflies, flutterbys. It seems more appropriate, doesn’t it? Their wings flutter gently as they go from bloom to bloom.


They try to keep a minimum of 10 varieties in the house at any given time but this can vary due to season and lifespan. We were told that most butterflies live up to two weeks. There are a few that can survive even through winter. So we learned something new!


Buckeye (Junonia coenia)


Mourning Cloak (Nymphalis antiopa)


Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta)


Monarch ( Danaus plexippus)


As they come to the end of their lifespan, their wings start to look like stained glass

IMG_2960 IMG_2963

The Mourning Cloaks and Buckeyes were abundant.


This gorgeous lady is a Swallowtail.

I picked up a couple of hitchhikers during our stroll.

IMG_1583 IMG_1569

This park is worth a visit, an oasis of nature in the heart of the city.

We’d love to hear your suggestions for hikes & nature trails in and around Colorado.

Here’s to a happy life!


MaryBeth & Sherry hikers







Livin’ like it’s Friday

Livin' like it's Friday

Vintage Look

Vintage Look

It started with a purse…

It started with a purse...


If we had the money to buy Dolce & Gabbana, would this be the outfit we start with? Hmmm, definitely the purse.

Here’s to a Happy Life! 👛


MaryBeth & Sherry



Colorado Wine Country

Road Trip – Part 3

Leaving Parachute we headed to Palisade, CO aka Colorado Wine Country.  We had booked our stay at the Wine Country Inn.

Wine Country Inn wci-front

Surrounded by wineries and not far off the highway, the inn is lovely, the staff friendly and helpful. While checking in, we solicited their advice about wineries they would recommend we visit. The woman at the desk asked us a few questions to get a feel for our taste in wine. Sherry answered as I rarely drink alcohol. 🍷Based on Sherry’s replies, she gave us a map and suggested a few wineries. As we had arrived in mid-afternoon and the temperature was 102° , she kept the list short. Most of the tasting rooms close at 5 p.m. Off we went.

Palisade Map

There are bikes to rent at the hotel and around town that allow you to bike from winery to winery. For us, it was simply too hot. There are also luxury wine tours, horse-drawn carriage tours, etc. to personalize your visit.

Palisade’s motto is Life tastes good here all year long, and is known for its peaches, simply delicious.  Be sure to try some.  If you have time to visit the art galleries and lavender farms, do.

Our first stop was Canyon Wind/Anemoi Cellars. Surrounded by the vineyards, the tasting room has a few tables out on the lawn under beautiful shade trees. We said hello to a group of women enjoying their wine and entered the tasting room. There is a small storefront with a warehouse in the back. The owner gave Sherry a couple of samples, and discussed wine-making with us. Sherry bought a Chardonnay and we continued on our way.


Our next stop was High Country Orchards and Colterris Wines.


In addition to wine, there are lots of fresh fruit for to enjoy.

After tasting, Sherry preferred their 2014 Cabernet Franc and  2015 CORAL White Cabernet Sauvignon.

Colterris Franc

As this was our second stop, it was hot and we were hungry, we decided to sit on their patio for a bit. We ordered a glass of the White Cabernet Sauvignon. What’s a glass without some brie, crackers and of course, chocolate! As a non-wine drinker, I can tell you that this white Cabernet Sauvignon is wonderfully delicious.

IMG_2903 IMG_2906

After an enjoying our light lunch, we moved on. A short drive up the road, we stopped at Colorado Cellars, they offer fruit wines and mead, in addition to their reds and whites.

I apologize to Colorado Cellars for not taking pictures, I’ll blame it on the glass of wine I had at lunch.  I did purchase the blackberry wine and Golden Nektar Mead for tasting at my next family game night.

colorado-cellars-blackberry-607x900-202x300 colorado-cellars-golden-nektar-202x300

Just around the corner, we pulled into Carlson Vineyards. They are Colorado’s original winery.

IMG_2909 IMG_2907

Carlson Vineyards has a nice gift shop in addition to a tasting room. They offer a shaded outdoor area too. Here we sampled several fruit wines and browsed their gift shop.  Although we did not buy wine here, they were quite good.

IMG_2908 IMG_4223

Our next stop was Hermosa Vineyards. Here we had the pleasure of the meeting the owner, he told us that he crafted the wines to his personal taste. He talked about his process and different grapes. He provided buckets for us to dump any leftover wine, which was probably a good idea as we’d been “tasting” for a couple of hours at this point. Sherry enjoyed all the wine she tasted here. I bought a Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and the Dessert Wine, which he had us taste with a piece of Dove chocolate. Heaven! Sherry purchased the Cabernet Franc.


We had a lovely visit at the Hermosa Vineyards tasting room but it was now time to head back to our hotel for a swim and a meal.

IMG_4224 IMG_4227

The view from the pool is breath-taking, the water cool and quite welcoming after a hot day.  We dined al fresco, seated among  blooming flower gardens and baskets. The meal was tasty, we recommend the macaroni and cheese. Yum!


We’ll be back in Colorado Wine Country soon we hope. It’s perfect for a Mother/Daughter, Girlfriends or Couples trip.



Here’s to a Happy Life!


MaryBeth & Sherry