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Free the Spirit, Fight the Wrinkles

If wrinkles must be written upon our brows, let them not be written upon the heart. The spirit should never grow old. ~ James A. Garfield

As you grow older, you fight for somethings like your family and friends, you give up on others, like wrinkles and an aging body. Our spirits revel in people, emotions, celebration and not things. Oh but those wrinkles. You look in the mirror and think – “Who is that!?!” As you go through your day, the picture you see in your mind of you is wrinkle-free. Crow’s feet? Those are for someone else, not me! Lip lines and sagging and gray hair, oh my!

There’s an old saying, if you want to know how old someone is, look at their hands. Well, damn, it’s true. We’re still young enough that we can place our hands so they look wrinkle free. The drawback of leaving our hands at this angle is that eventually they will cramp. You know exactly what we’re talking about ladies! What is up with that? Not to mention that people may start looking at us strangely. What are they looking at? It’s a personal anti-aging technique.

Ok, you secretly wish you didn’t have to give up but the alternative is to go “under the knife.” Because let’s face it, you can use all the wrinkle lotions you want but once they are there… ! It might be in our best interest to nurture our spirit and quit worrying about the wrinkles. After all, we’ve earned every one and so have you.

Most everyone will tell you, a good diet, exercise and sun screen are the best medicines for aging woman.  Some celebrities would tell to keep a plastic surgeon on speed dial!

Wait, Wait, Wait, did we just refer to ourselves as aging women?

Did you ever notice that those people with a kind heart, a free spirit, or strong purpose rarely look their age. That’s what we are striving for; to stay young at heart and bold of purpose.

We are always looking for ways to fight wrinkles, yet, as we drift further into our 50’s, we are also looking for ways to continually nurture our spirits. And while this is a noble cause, we’d really like to nurture our spirit with younger looking faces. The heart wants what the heart wants.

Please help us – give us your ideas and thoughts on both of our goals.


Everyone has times of self-doubt, for a woman over 50, it can hit often due to our ever-fluctuating hormones. We look in the mirror and see wrinkles instead of character. We step on the scale and beat ourselves up for putting on a few. A family member makes a remark and we see it as harsh criticism and so much more.

Today a beautiful woman told me that “menopause memory” makes her feel so stupid, something she had never consider herself before. And there you have your 50’s in a nutshell, we begin to see ourselves so differently, often so negatively. We’d like to propose an alternative.

Let’s delight in the 50 or so years that we have survived on this earth. Let’s look back on our lessons with gratitude and focus on what’s beautiful. What would that be you ask? YOU! You are beautiful!

Let’s use our hard-earned wisdom, even if it takes a moment to come back to us. So what? It is often said that it is best to pause before we speak. We should thank our brain for helping us with this.

When we put on our bifocals, we’ll be grateful that they allow us to see deeper and clearer, to read between the lines.

Jeans tight? Whatever! There are a myriad of reasons why this might be, far more than the overeating and lack of exercise excuses.

Did someone make a kind suggestion that could be construed as otherwise. Say thank you! Thank you for caring enough about me to try and help me. Thank you for showing me how much you value me. Thank you for letting me know you are an ass.

Delight in age and all it entails. I want to grab this bull by the horns and run with it! I am slowly learning how to focus on the positive, point out that the best is yet to come and go for it!

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How do you focus on the positive? What’s your next goal? Which negative stereotypes would you like to debunk?