Twelve Days of Christmas – Day 4

Day 4 – Charity –  There are many, many charities competing for your dollar. You know which ones you are interested in helping.  We could give recommendations and advice on how to choose, however, last night’s 1″ to 3″ snowstorm became today’s 6″ to 12″ blizzard, changed the direction of this blog.

An unexpected storm brings many opportunities to be charitable.

I was fortunate to witness a few during my commute today.

I had a closing scheduled this morning, fortunately, my brother was also attending. I called him and asked if he would be willing to pick me up as my tires aren’t the best. Without hesitation he said sure, even though it meant going out of his way.

As we traveled Interstates, we saw spin outs, cars and semis stuck everywhere and of course, accidents. Be charitable to your fellow drivers, to yourself and your family – Slow Down! So many of the problems we saw were caused by impatient drivers thinking that 30-35 mph was too slow for them. What is more charitable than letting everyone get home to their loved ones safely?

At one point, traffic slowed to a crawl due to an accident, standing in the highway was an off-duty state patrol officer directing traffic. He did not have to stand out in the blowing cold, trying his best to keep everyone safe, but he was going above and beyond.

The maintenance crew in my complex were continually shoveling the walks today. One kind resident brought out hot drinks for them.

We are sure there were many more examples today, we simply were not privileged enough to witness them. Those we did helped to make this season bright.

Charity is often just a simple spur of the moment thoughtful act.