The Twelve Days of Christmas – Day 2

The media is filled with bad news, arguing politicians and more. We are entering a joyful season, yet negativity abounds. Let’s find a way to find some serenity.

Day 2 – Humor – Gather your family and/or friends and have some fun! Enjoy holiday movies, Christmas Vacation, Elf or the Santa Clause? A Christmas Story is a classic favorite of so many. For the men we know, Bad Santa rates a solid 10 for an adult get-together.

Take a poll before deciding which movie to watch. In MB’s house, Elf is a sure winner, although there is always one hold-out for A Christmas Story.

If all your viewers are in agreement consider ad-libbing the characters’ lines, that’s sure to add a chuckle here and there. We would advise you to have a solid agreement before doing this as some people take their favorite holiday movie very seriously.

Does your family love the classic animated specials? Rudolph, Charlie Brown or Frosty the Snowman take us right back to the excitement of childhood Christmases.

If you have snow where you are, play in the snow, make snowmen and snow angels. Throw a snowball or two, embrace your inner child. Children can find humor in the simplest things, let’s follow their lead.

A good laugh is the magical cure for winter or holiday doldrums and pretty much guarantees you a great night’s sleep.

So pop some popcorn, pour the eggnog, and embrace your funny bone. Chuckle, giggle, or snort if you must! Just laugh!