Twelve Days of Christmas – Day 1

It’s everywhere – 12 days before Christmas sales! My email this morning had 7 different versions of this theme.

The start of this holiday season has been chaotic and stressful. With that in mind, we are going into these last 12 days with an emphasis on calm.

Day 1 – Take time to read, perhaps something uplifting or joyful. Authors Eckhart Tolle, Doreen Virtue, and Wayne Dyer come to mind. We’ve always heard great things about A Course in Miracles.  And of course this blog!

Reading is a wonderful escape from the hustle of every day life. While the quickest way to start a new book is in its electronic form, there is sensual pleasure in holding the written word, smelling the paper and ink, seeing the actual print.

A trip to a bookstore, not necessarily the big chains, but the small independents or a good used book store is a treat. Here Black and Read is an adventure, shelves upon shelves of books, you have to use caution when walking through as there are boxes of books everywhere! You could spend all day exploring.

Once a book is chosen, you return home, brew a cup of coffee or tea, or maybe pour a glass of wine, get comfortable in a cozy chair. If you have the luxury of a fireplace, use it. Peaceful escape.

Include everyone in the household, what a great family evening! Think of the discussions you can have tomorrow, the new bonds you build.

Enjoy the gift of quiet relaxation.