Christmas Gifts – Ideas for Him

In our recent conversation with friends about Christmas gifting ideas, the men were pretty easy-going about receiving with 2 exceptions – ties and underwear.  Tim’s comment – “I’m no Magic Mike, so how about getting me something with a little more thought behind it.”

Final Touch Black Watermelon Keg Tapping Kit  – We didn’t even know this was a thing, however, the guys had several ideas for using it.


Anything Star Wars –

Star Wars Stein – This might work well with his watermelon keg!


Star Wars Death Star Imperial Watch


Han Solo in Carbonite Shower Curtain


Heck, almost anything from would make a fun gift.

Earth Spinning Globe  A great conversation starter for his desk. (If you are picking up one of these, we have empty stockings!)



Sky Viper Video Surveillance Drone

Not every man who took part in our discussion spoke enthusiastically about having one of these, but all of them had an ideas on how they would use it, from filming their child’s soccer game to hiking up a mountain and launching it over a cliff. Larry, whose daughter just started dating, thought he could put it to good use keeping her potential suitors in line.


How about a unique watch, something out of the ordinary for that special guy?

Iron Samurai Wristwatch With Glowing ‘Red Lava’ Digits

Samurai Watch

Kisai Neutron LED Watch

Nuetron watch

or the popular Apple Watch

apple watch

Awesome Door Stop 

A nice touch of nostalgia for the man cave or tool shed


Are you always helping him find his keys? This is a very classy looking tracking tag.

Bluetooth Tracking Tag


Baby, It’s cold outside! Keeping him warm this winter was a common theme

Black Diamond Gloves


Men’s Beanie


The #1 gift idea – on which they all agreed?


Where would he like to go?


Our take-away from this conversation is that everyone appreciates it when you put a little thought into your gift. Celebrate the holidays in whatever way brings joy to you and your loved ones.  Keep it playful and fun, take a pass on anything stressful.

Here’s to a happy life!

🎅 MaryBeth & Sherry