One of My Greatest Gifts

Today my first-born turns 35-years-old! And yes, I instantly think where did the time go? More importantly though as I reminisce about his life I feel such joy at having spent the last 35 years with him.


He was such a happy baby, a real smiler. Even today, his smile melts my heart. That smile probably allowed him to get away with more than he should have!

He was then and is now very inquisitive. Although today he can pretty much “google it” whenever he wants to learn something new, then he would come to either his father or I with questions about a myriad of things. Often these questions would result in a trip to the library for a solid explanation.

What propels a rocket into space? How do worms actually move? Apparently, butterflies come from cocoons, why?

His love for all things Star Wars and Disney was unrivaled in our neighborhood. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ran a close second.

darth Vader & Princess Leia

When he was 4-1/2-years-old, his little sister was born and for the most part he adored her. Dressing her up in her walker as Princess Leia, then “flying” her all over “space” aka the basement, building with Legos, patiently reading to her or coloring beside her.


To this day, they are the best of friends.

Some of our best memories come from family vacations. Road trips to Dinosaur, CO; through the Grand Staircase in Utah and Arizona: Mesa Verde then Disneyland. He was our navigator, telling his Dad to take I-70 318 miles to I-15 then head south or the like.

We hiked the trails, read every sign at the trail head, took pictures galore. We laughed at the silly things we saw. We stopped dead in our tracks watching a tarantula crawl up a man’s leg while his friend shot video, hiked Bryce Canyon in a rare early summer snowfall, sat through a torrential rainstorm in a cave at Zion National Park. I do miss those days.


We enjoyed many a family game night, trying out so many new boards games that the games had their own closet. We still meet for game night as often as we can.

Our Christmas light tour was a must every year. We packed hot chocolate and snacks, put Christmas music on the radio and drove all over looking for the houses with the best lights.

I wouldn’t trade these memories for anything, they make us who we are today.


He is a remarkable human being, with more empathy, intuition, and knowledge than I could ever hope to have. Now he patiently explains to his parents why things are the way they are. He still talks to his sister every day and worries about her living so far away.

I'm with Creepy

I cherish the memories of the little boy, I am so proud of the person he has become and I look forward to at least 35 more years.


Reminiscing about my children reminds me once again, that experiences are far more important than things.

Here’s to a Happy Life!


🎉MaryBeth & Sherry