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Changes in Attitude, Changes in Gratitude

Have an attitude of gratitude; Be thankful for what you have; Count your blessings; no matter how it’s worded the thought behind it is the same.

Will living in gratitude really change your life? We believe so. We embarked on a journey of being grateful regardless of our circumstances.


This was to be a 30 day experiment. But a funny thing happened, barely 3 days in we noticed distinct changes in our attitude.

I first noticed it when an unexpected bill came in the mail. I chose to be grateful that I could pay it instead of worrying that it would totally disrupt the budget. Then on the first truly cold night here, my heat quit working. My first thought was “thankfully, we’ve got space heaters” instead of the standard “oh, sh**!”


Do we now automatically practice gratitude? Oh, heck no! I stub my toe, I’m not so grateful that I have that chair to sit in. However, after hopping around on one foot cursing inanimate objects, I will be thankful my toe isn’t broken.


It feels so much better to feel blessed than to let worry creep in. I find myself smiling more, being more encouraging to others and letting the little things go.

Consciously practicing gratitude will definitely change your attitude.


Here’s to a Happy Life!

💫MaryBeth & Sherry

The Non Wedding Planner

My daughter got married in September. It was a beautiful ceremony in Aspen. Since she and I are both designers, we decided to do a lot of the decor ourselves. She saved a lot of money as we planned and planned, shopped, painted and crafted. Since the colors are all changing in Aspen, she wanted a simple white and green theme for the ceremony. We visited Associated Wholesale Florist in Denver (very nice to work with :)) for a trial run and put the flowers together ourselves. Using some ideas from Pinterest, we made the boutonnières , the girls flowers and the table decor.  I would recommend this as we had a few trial runs before we liked what we made. Yes, it was time-consuming, however, as everyone knows, weddings are very expensive so saving money where you can become important.
We thought they turned out nice and we’re glad we did our trial run because we put them together the day before the wedding,  already having a plan helped things go much smoother.


In the spirit of saving money, I was the “wedding planner” and set up everything for her wedding day and I have to say, It was a little overwhelming but thanks to great friends and family the wedding was beautiful and fun!

Here is what I learned.

Get a wedding planner for the day of the wedding.  I really wasn’t sure what to do so I missed a few things while trying to make sure everything was running smoothly.

ALSO IMPORTANT!!  find a great photographer and videographer, this is your record of the day and you won’t get it back.  Her video turned out amazing thanks to BTX Productions.

PS. Please know we don’t give out names for bad reviews only good ones.

~ 🌿 Sherry


Here’s to a Happy Life!!
MaryBeth and Sherry. 🙂

Welcome Back!

It’s fall. Where did the year go? It seems the older you get the quicker time flies. It doesn’t really, of course, we just pay more attention then when we were young. We cherish life a little more each day and that’s a good thing, there’s still have so much to experience!


We are at an age when our kids still depend on us to help with what we can (let’s face it, that will never change!) There are weddings and babies and jobs and new homes and well, just life.

We find that friends, family and…. you are important. We have talked to a lot of people in our age group, men and women who are taking a step back trying to refocus on life and what it really means.


Our focus this coming year will be on what we’ve heard and what we’ve learned…

And adding new experiences; we’ve had great lives so far, although not without a learning curve, from here on out we are simply enhancing it.

Cause your never to old to learn!!


Here’s to a Happy Life!!
MaryBeth and Sherry. 🙂