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No Last Good-bye

As I post this, I wonder what to title it? What to call a blog in memoriam?

I was sitting in the dentist’s waiting room this morning and decided take advantage of his free WiFi. I did the usual email, weather, Facebook. It was on FB that I saw the obituary. My first thought was “No! that can’t be who I think it is!” It was.

Although we weren’t good friends, I had known her for almost 30 years. Barely 2 months ago, S and I were shopping in a craft store when we ran into her. We had a lovely chat, my sister dated her brother, she thought her brother was silly to let my sister go, she taught in my children’s elementary school and asked about them. She did tell me she was having some medical difficulties, but skimmed over them. She wasn’t going to dwell there. As you can imagine, seeing her obituary was a bit of a shock.

It reminds me of all the people I have known. I often think I’ll see them again. We’ll laugh and reminisce a bit. I have tried to make a habit of saying thank you as we part. A few words of gratitude for what they have meant to me, for the gift of their presence in my life.

I am only 58-years-old, more and more I hear of friends passing. It just doesn’t seem possible. They are much too young. There is so much more they planned to do. S and I are always making plans, for road trips, for lunch, for so many things. I tease my sister, when we are old, she will drive and I will navigate, and eventually, we’ll get there. I get the purple hair, she’ll take blue and you can be damn sure, I will have a blinged out cane!

When I see someone who had died so young, I know it’s time to quit making plans and start executing them.

So to you my friend, thank you for your smile, your laughter, and your dedication to children. Yours was definitely a life well-lived. May God bless you.

I sit here quietly, smiling; not only because of my memories of a friend but for all the things in life that have passed, both good and bad. Both were part of the journey. It has been a wonderful journey so far.

Again, I am reminded to let go of the petty little details and embrace the joy, the laughter, the love. Life really is too short and often there is no last good-bye.



I have gained 10 lbs in the last 6 months and I have GOT to get them off.  I am going to New York next week for a real estate conference and “I have NOTHING to wear!!!”  10 lbs and I feel like a sausage in my clothes. :(.

diet and exercise

Why is diet and exercise sooooo difficult?  I love tasty food, that’s why… Oh, and it’s cold outside so I don’t want to walk, that’s my other excuse. I don’t and won’t do diets and fads. That just sets you up for a roller coaster ride on the weight scale and if that’s not depressing, don’t know what is…

I know what I should be eating, I know what I should be doing exercise wise but, I don’t. Then I am angry with myself and feel yucky.  The sad thing is I feel really good when I am exercise and eating right. Why do I do this to myself?


Because I haven’t made it a habit.  It takes a month or two to make something a habit. Most people give up after a couple of weeks (like me) because it’s too much work or it’s too difficult. What it boils down to is that it is change and we are all “creatures of habit”.

Habits, good or bad that we’ve already created over the years. So we have to put a plan together to change just one thing and then add to it. If you try to change too much at one time. You are setting yourself up to not follow through. That being said, I am going for my walk.  🙂

Man that was cold!… But, I did it, I’m still alive and I’ve started a habit!
By the way, if you are in Colorado, the Fireman’s park in Arvada is a cute place to take the kids/grandkids.  My nephews love it 🙂

Positively Positive!

We’ve been reading numerous articles to retrain our brains, leaving negative thoughts behind, holding on to the positive. Be happy and excited.

whole miracles

What amused us were the ads associated with these articles. We understand that the authors have very little control over advertisers. Yet, Lose weight now! Count calories! Get out of debt now! Fight Depression! The tone is negative. The words imply pressure instead a joy. Decrease instead of increase. We feel like we inundated with negative media.

No focusing on the negative though, moving on to Positive!

day filled

There is a lot of truth in saying that there are miracles all around us. It’s not difficult to see them if you look. Having this blog posted on the internet where anyone in the world can find it is a miracle. If you doubt it ask anyone over 50!

blue planet

It’s been said a million times, Gratitude is the place to start, live with an aura of gratefulness and everything in life will improve. Who doesn’t love to hear the words “Thank you!”


How do you get away from the influx of negative energy?

There is a huge plus in having one day a week where you turn it all off. The internet, the TV, even your phone. You can concentrate on the positive. Concentrate on you.

We searched for a new way to start every day, Positive and Bright!

We decided to read  Hal Elrod’s book – The Miracle Morning.

Hal Elrod

So far, so GREAT!  We have started our own morning miracles and in about 30 days we’ll let you know just how fantastic it is. If you are already committed to Hal’s program, let us know, we’d love to hear how it changed your life.

Thank you, Hal!

Light Box House

S – My kids are a tad too old for this and my grandson is only 2 months but I am gonna save this idea for when he gets bigger!  So cool, I wish I would have had something like this fun tent when I was young, ok fine, I would like it now….I have issues with white twinkle lights.  Looks so easy to make, a cardboard box and some white lights. Easy smeezy!  You could also draw on it or let the kids do their own art work. Would be a fun thing to do for a sleep over.

MB- I’d love to do this! I can sometimes be a craft overachiever, I’d probably end up building a mansion and then add a small house for the stuffed animals!  Hm, I may have to do just that.
Found It on Pinterest, thank you Life As Mama.

Quick Break – We’ll be back!


Our apologies for our delay in updating our blog. No excuses. Well, maybe the Holidays, illness- both our own and family members, a root canal or two. How about it’s too cold? But the sun was shining and we wanted to go out and play?  Please accept any and all of these as our lame reason for getting lazy.


Unfortunately, neither of us was lucky enough to be here, so we’ll be back Jan. 19th.

thank you


We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season.