Deck the Halls!

MB – It’s that time of year, where we all overdo it for the sake of the holiday. The tree is up, ornaments hung, lights brightly glowing. It’s here I’ve screeched to a halt. I have more decorations to put up.


The village and train that circle the tree,
The garlands that drape so gracefully.

Bird Ornament

I simply cannot find the energy, or is it enthusiasm to do so. I know that once I put them up, I’ll appreciate it. My children will be delighted as they love the house at Christmas. The festive look will brighten even the gloomiest winter day and yet I procrastinate.

Santas, Nutcrackers and Snowmen await
For the time they’re removed from their crate.


Here I sit, typing out my thoughts. Procrastinate, procrastinate.
Oh, enough of this! Here I go, the nativity first, it’s beauty and symbolism mean so much to me.
It’s the perfect start to my home’s holiday transformation.

Nativity 2

This is rather dull scenery.
Time to add some greenery.

Dot Ornament

The beauty and generosity of Christmas make it all worthwhile. The decorations always lift everyone’s mood. Sitting in the quiet glow of the Christmas tree invites conversation and a strong sense of togetherness, family love. With that thought, inspiration strikes, time to finish my decorating.

And after Christmas, as I take each decoration down and carefully pack it in its box, I’ll cherish the wonderful memories they helped inspire in my heart.

Santa's House
S – I hear so many women say how tired they are of decorating because that just means taking it all down in a month or so. I completely understand, with our crazy busy lives the “holidays” are overwhelming.

I used to do the Santas and snowmen and whatever else was in the 4 hundred “Christmas” boxes I unpacked and repacked every year. My kids loved all my decorations and of course I did it for my family.

Santa Face

Now a Christmas tree, real garland, white lights and candles are my idea of decorating. I love Christmas, I love the feeling, snowflakes, lights, smells, gatherings, music and magic.

Glass Ornament

I just don’t like the craziness and the let down feeling that comes the day after Christmas.


I want to relax, enjoy my family and friends, go to a few nice dinners and invite some people over. I can’t decide if this is getting older with no young kids in the house, realizing how quickly time flies and wanting to spend time enjoying people rather than decorating and running around like a chicken… or just plain laziness.


Whatever it is, I’m gonna go with my kids are grown now, they are full of energy and I think it is their turn to bring out their 4 hundred boxes.