Assertive Heat

We apologize for our absence but the creeping crud hit hard in our households right after the holiday. S’s mom, the lovely Miss V was struck with an illness on Thanksgiving, poor thing. S then got the lovely head cold that’s been striking so many people. She gets a pass for not writing in a few days. My house guests both got hit hard the day after Thanksgiving. I, on the other hand, feel great!

Is this because I’ve got hot flashes constantly heating me up, possibly burning off the annoying bug that everyone else got?
Seems fair.
What’s not fair is that as warm as my inner furnace gets I should weigh about 20 lbs! I should be able to eat all the Thanksgiving pie I want! Unfortunately, it just doesn’t seem to be working out that way.
I will say that these heat waves sometimes strike at the right moment. Yesterday I was sitting in a business meeting where the other party was trying to unjustly manipulate my clients. I calmly tried to negotiate a win-win situation, unfortunately, their mouthpiece wanted only more and more concessions.
Cue the hot flash!
I just wanted this meeting done, so I could strip off my suit coat and dunk my head in a bucket of cool water.
Dang! My mouth took off as fast as my brain could process information. There was absolutely no stop and think before you speak happening here. Forget win-win, justice is all I wanted! Play fair, stop whining, and get on with it!
I can thank my lucky stars that my words were tactful and well-received. Everyone went home happy.
Listen, if I believe that those were looks of joy are their faces as they practically knocked each other down to get out the door then they were!
Hm, could there be an upside to hot flashes?

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