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Light(en) up the Holiday Spirit

S and I decided to pump up our Christmas spirit by driving through nearby neighborhoods to see the Christmas light displays. We chose a relatively warm Colorado evening so that we could make Golden’s awesome river-walk and the thousands of lights strung there our starting point.


Our stroll was relaxing if not a bit brisk. The gentle sounds as the water flowed past, an occasional dog barking, laughter in the distance all while being bathed in the colorful light, made the walk so serene.

Park 2

My favorite is and always will be the giant tree in front of the visitors center. I am in awe of the work it must take to deck out that tree.

Visitor Center

A big thank you to the workers that make it so. It is breathtakingly beautiful. This year they decorated the trees in the park too.

Visitor Center Tree



After visiting the river-walk, we stopped for appetizers before starting our drive-by viewings. Of course, stopping to eat means an hour or so of girl talk coupled with lots of laughter, which also helps get us in the Christmas mood.

Park 3

So often we spend so much time preparing for the Holidays that we forget to stop and enjoy the efforts of others.

Neighbor 1

I admit to decorating my house both inside and out, not only for myself but for my neighbors and my visitors. Whether you choose to decorate or not, please feel free to drive-by and enjoy mine. Isn’t that what we are saying when we light up our homes? I have gone almost completely solar for outdoor decorations along with using LED lights inside as I dislike the January power bill if I don’t!  Ha!  Candles work well to create the right ambiance too. I truly hope it makes anyone who sees it happy.

Neighbor 4

Some choose a whimsical theme, while others opt for more traditional. It makes no difference to us, they are all uplifting.

Neighbor 3

The meaning behind the holiday is what’s important, where our focus should be. The spirit of giving, sharing, caring. Each of us expresses our interpretation of its definition in our own way, whether it be in our decorations, our greetings or our mood.

Neighbor 2

Our evening was a success, we managed to get back into the spirit of things, now we can move forward enjoying laughter, food and libations with friends and family while reminiscing about past memories, and planning new ones.


We’d be interested in hearing where you go to see Holiday displays, we are always up for a road trip!


Deck the Halls!

MB – It’s that time of year, where we all overdo it for the sake of the holiday. The tree is up, ornaments hung, lights brightly glowing. It’s here I’ve screeched to a halt. I have more decorations to put up.


The village and train that circle the tree,
The garlands that drape so gracefully.

Bird Ornament

I simply cannot find the energy, or is it enthusiasm to do so. I know that once I put them up, I’ll appreciate it. My children will be delighted as they love the house at Christmas. The festive look will brighten even the gloomiest winter day and yet I procrastinate.

Santas, Nutcrackers and Snowmen await
For the time they’re removed from their crate.


Here I sit, typing out my thoughts. Procrastinate, procrastinate.
Oh, enough of this! Here I go, the nativity first, it’s beauty and symbolism mean so much to me.
It’s the perfect start to my home’s holiday transformation.

Nativity 2

This is rather dull scenery.
Time to add some greenery.

Dot Ornament

The beauty and generosity of Christmas make it all worthwhile. The decorations always lift everyone’s mood. Sitting in the quiet glow of the Christmas tree invites conversation and a strong sense of togetherness, family love. With that thought, inspiration strikes, time to finish my decorating.

And after Christmas, as I take each decoration down and carefully pack it in its box, I’ll cherish the wonderful memories they helped inspire in my heart.

Santa's House
S – I hear so many women say how tired they are of decorating because that just means taking it all down in a month or so. I completely understand, with our crazy busy lives the “holidays” are overwhelming.

I used to do the Santas and snowmen and whatever else was in the 4 hundred “Christmas” boxes I unpacked and repacked every year. My kids loved all my decorations and of course I did it for my family.

Santa Face

Now a Christmas tree, real garland, white lights and candles are my idea of decorating. I love Christmas, I love the feeling, snowflakes, lights, smells, gatherings, music and magic.

Glass Ornament

I just don’t like the craziness and the let down feeling that comes the day after Christmas.


I want to relax, enjoy my family and friends, go to a few nice dinners and invite some people over. I can’t decide if this is getting older with no young kids in the house, realizing how quickly time flies and wanting to spend time enjoying people rather than decorating and running around like a chicken… or just plain laziness.


Whatever it is, I’m gonna go with my kids are grown now, they are full of energy and I think it is their turn to bring out their 4 hundred boxes.


Damn that Wild Hair!

S and I had a hysterical conversation the other day about that frickin’ single facial hair that pops up so randomly, the one we like to call The Wild Hair. Yes, we do crack ourselves up!

Do we all have them? That one hair that grows independently on some odd spot on your face. Usually the most noticeable spot. Is it really that noticeable to others or is it that once we figure out its there we fixate on it?

Sure, we have every intention of plucking it, but until we get back to our tweezers and a mirror, what’s a girl to do?

tweezer and mirror

The smart thing would be to ignore it, haha! Instead we touch it, focus on it, pull at it and more.


We suspect men only get that wild hair in their eyebrows. At least that’s where we notice them. Women? Not so lucky. They sprout wherever they please, on your chin, your upper lip, middle of your cheek? No problem, the wild hair is always happy to oblige especially if you are heading to an important engagement.


The wild hair loves to stand out, therefore it generally comes in thicker, longer and coarser than all the others. What better way to be noticed, not only by yourself but by everyone who comes close to you.

Which brings us back to the question, do others really notice or have we become obsessive about it? Someone once told us, “It’s just part of you, an addition to your personality.”

You’re kidding right? Looking like the evil witch from Hansel and Gretel or Snow White’s apple bearer adds to my personality? Cue the warts? Thanks a lot.

Truly, how did this wild hair become so prominent in our lives that we actually have conversations and write blogs about them?

Another menopause mystery…

Finding Our Way Back to Creativity

I used to make things all the time. Baking, cooking, crafting decorations, gardening, painting… I don’t know where the day goes, I don’t seem to have the time to do these things like I used to. Isn’t that strange, I had the time when my kids were going up.

Do we get lazy or move on to other things? Do we become less organized as we get older, more scattered perhaps? I know I miss painting and gardening, I keep telling myself I just need to do it. Then another day, season, year goes by and I still haven’t started a new project.

I have a so many wonderful memories of making crafts or recipes with friends and family. Days spent in artistic pursuit while enjoying conversation and laughter.

This Christmas, MB and I decided to get back to it.

We made foot balm from a natural recipe and bottled it up for Christmas gifts. We took great delight in designing our own scents and labels, creatively attaching a pair of socks, ribbon, and bells to each jar for a festive look.

We got quite a few laughs as we realized just how rusty we had become in the simple art of tying a bow.


We tried the double boiler method of melting our ingredients, patiently stirring on low heat until MB got impatient, mixed a second batch and stuck it in the microwave. The microwave method is so much quicker, requiring very little effort on our part, leaving more time for constructing our holiday presents.

It was fun :). We got to gab, ok we always gab, still talking, laughing while concocting gifts, well, it was just kind of fun doing a girly thing! I think I’m gonna go buy those paints…

Many thanks to Sarah Lipoff at for sharing her DIY Sleep Salve recipe.

Assertive Heat

We apologize for our absence but the creeping crud hit hard in our households right after the holiday. S’s mom, the lovely Miss V was struck with an illness on Thanksgiving, poor thing. S then got the lovely head cold that’s been striking so many people. She gets a pass for not writing in a few days. My house guests both got hit hard the day after Thanksgiving. I, on the other hand, feel great!

Is this because I’ve got hot flashes constantly heating me up, possibly burning off the annoying bug that everyone else got?
Seems fair.
What’s not fair is that as warm as my inner furnace gets I should weigh about 20 lbs! I should be able to eat all the Thanksgiving pie I want! Unfortunately, it just doesn’t seem to be working out that way.
I will say that these heat waves sometimes strike at the right moment. Yesterday I was sitting in a business meeting where the other party was trying to unjustly manipulate my clients. I calmly tried to negotiate a win-win situation, unfortunately, their mouthpiece wanted only more and more concessions.
Cue the hot flash!
I just wanted this meeting done, so I could strip off my suit coat and dunk my head in a bucket of cool water.
Dang! My mouth took off as fast as my brain could process information. There was absolutely no stop and think before you speak happening here. Forget win-win, justice is all I wanted! Play fair, stop whining, and get on with it!
I can thank my lucky stars that my words were tactful and well-received. Everyone went home happy.
Listen, if I believe that those were looks of joy are their faces as they practically knocked each other down to get out the door then they were!
Hm, could there be an upside to hot flashes?