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Powerball Win

I buy Powerball, MegaMillions and Lotto tickets.

Why not?

Who doesn’t want to have more money than they will ever need? Although your dream of what you would do with that kind of money may be different than mine, I’m willing to bet that everyone has consider at one time or other what they would do with millions of dollars. Yes, I understand that my odds are better with that bet than with the lottery.

I’d also venture to guess that everyone who dreams of winning thinks of ways to help others in addition to themselves. Often for me those are my first thoughts, and I tell myself that I would actually be helping others for purely selfish reasons. In truth, there are several things I would do just for me.

I truly believe that anyone can win and all it takes is 1 ticket with the right numbers to win. The winners, according to news reports, generally fall into two categories.
Those that buy a ticket or tickets every drawing or
Those that bought the ticket on a whim.

Since I subscribe to the theory that I have a better chance of winning if I possess a ticket and in general, I don’t receive a ticket as a gift every drawing, I choose to buy a ticket. Therefore, when I win, I will fall into category A. I look forward to the day I fall into Category A.

Statisticians note that our chance of winning the lottery on a single ticket are one in 175 million. So you buy two, that improves your chances, right?

As I write this, I realize I haven’t checked my tickets today. When I bought it the clerk said, “I hope you win.” I told him I would remember him if I did. Woohoo! I won $3 dollars! Take that statisticians! Slim chance of winning, 1 in 175 million, you say!

It’s amazing how even the smallest win can make us feel victorious.

Excuse me while I go cash in my winning ticket for another winning ticket and give the kind clerk a $1 of my winnings. Sharing the win with him makes the win all that much better.

I can dream and so can you.

What would you do just for yourself if you won a large sum of money?

Waiting For My Grandbaby

S is going to be a Grandma!

My daughter is due with her first baby, like yesterday. Needless to say, she is now frustrated. The doctors tell her the baby will come when it’s ready. That’s obviously not what she wants to hear.

In all fairness, I went a week and a half over with her and so I feel her pain. Every day friends and family call or text her to ask if the baby is here yet. Which makes her even more frustrated, I try not to laugh because I am remembering how irritating that was.

I also have to admit that I keep wanting to know how she is because I am so excited to have a grand baby. What a weird feeling, very soon I am going to be a grandma.

Geez. Was it that long ago that I was rocking my kids to sleep, getting them ready for bed, getting them ready for school?I guess it has been. Oh well, time goes on but the good news is that I get a baby in the family that I get to hold and kiss and love and give back to mommy when it poos!!

Can’t wait :).

Anyone have any stories to tell on being a grandma? Would love to hear what to expect!!

A Trip to Walgreens

After googling natural remedies and deciding which ones I could use to fight my menopause symptoms, I took a trip to my neighborhood Walgreens. I sauntered over to the vitamin/herbs aisle and began my search. At first, I could not locate a single product that dealt with aging, specifically menopausal symptoms. Then I looked down, way down, to the two shelves directly above the floor.

Really, Walgreens? This is where you put products that help fight the symptoms of menopause? You do know that osteoporosis, arthritis and achy joints are all possible byproducts of aging?

I sighed, knowing that bending over for any length of time could not possibly be attractive, and sat on the floor to scrutinize their selection. I was trying to make an informed decision. I sat there, analyzing the myriad of options, all 4 of them.

WTH?!? Walgreens? Do you know that the vast majority of Americans are aging? Like all of them? Nobody’s getting younger!

But I digress. As I sat on the cold tile floor, perusing my options, a female pharmacist approached and said, “Did you find what you are looking for?” “Not yet,” I replied. “Maybe, I can help you,” she said, “what is it you are looking for?”

“You wouldn’t happen to have my youth, would you?” was my reply. She laughed, saying, “I think you got this!” as she walked away.

Are you interested in the product/s I chose? I’m more than happy to share them here with you and my thoughts on the effectiveness of each. We would be very interested in knowing what natural remedies, herbs and vitamins you use.

Sisters, Friends, Allies

When we first start life, every little girl is our sister, our friend, our ally. Unfortunately as time passes ugly little thoughts permeate our thoughts and we go through friends like candy. As this phase in our lives we’d like to go back to every woman is our sister, our friend, our ally. We find that we no longer care if our friends are thinner, prettier, have more money, a better car or a man! We embrace all of our nuances, revel in our camaraderie. Friends are to be cherished. If you have even a few that you can trust , confine in, laugh, and cry with, then you are indeed blessed. Grab ahold of them, hug them, support them, let them know how much you love them. Neither of you will be here forever.

We truly enjoy our time with our girlfriends. We spend our time together laughing and empathizing with each other.

The older we get the more we like being around other women. We no longer think of each other as competition. We don’t look at each other and allow envy to enter our thoughts. We are truly happy for each other when something good enters our lives. We are prepared to help each other in any way we can.

Do we like each other because at this point we all have stories to tell? Older woman are interesting, they have been around the block as they say. Come to find out being around the block a few times ain’t such a bad thing. It gives you character.

Boy, oh, boy, do we have character!
Are you a member of a women’s group? Looking for new members? Share with us and we’ll try to help.


Everyone has times of self-doubt, for a woman over 50, it can hit often due to our ever-fluctuating hormones. We look in the mirror and see wrinkles instead of character. We step on the scale and beat ourselves up for putting on a few. A family member makes a remark and we see it as harsh criticism and so much more.

Today a beautiful woman told me that “menopause memory” makes her feel so stupid, something she had never consider herself before. And there you have your 50’s in a nutshell, we begin to see ourselves so differently, often so negatively. We’d like to propose an alternative.

Let’s delight in the 50 or so years that we have survived on this earth. Let’s look back on our lessons with gratitude and focus on what’s beautiful. What would that be you ask? YOU! You are beautiful!

Let’s use our hard-earned wisdom, even if it takes a moment to come back to us. So what? It is often said that it is best to pause before we speak. We should thank our brain for helping us with this.

When we put on our bifocals, we’ll be grateful that they allow us to see deeper and clearer, to read between the lines.

Jeans tight? Whatever! There are a myriad of reasons why this might be, far more than the overeating and lack of exercise excuses.

Did someone make a kind suggestion that could be construed as otherwise. Say thank you! Thank you for caring enough about me to try and help me. Thank you for showing me how much you value me. Thank you for letting me know you are an ass.

Delight in age and all it entails. I want to grab this bull by the horns and run with it! I am slowly learning how to focus on the positive, point out that the best is yet to come and go for it!

You can find more of Jonathan Lockwood Huie’s inspirational messages at:

How do you focus on the positive? What’s your next goal? Which negative stereotypes would you like to debunk?

Flirting Over 50

I’m waiting at the retail counter today with a handsome man in his 40’s.
I think I look pretty good today. I’ve managed to nicely camouflage my facial wrinkles with make-up shading, flash a brilliant smile, my gray hair professionally colored and highlighted to create the impression that I, too, am in my 40’s, and a chic, trendy outfit.
I am feeling confident.
We strike up a conversation, share a few laughs, and basically, kill the time, flirting harmlessly. As I shift to get something from my purse, out fall my glasses. Damn, will he notice they are bifocals? He tells me I have dropped my glasses. Great, maybe, he didn’t.
We continue our bantering, while wondering if this line will ever move. My mind runs along the lines of continuing this conversation over coffee.
Finally, the line begins to move, as we prepare to go our separate ways, he says, can I ask you something a bit personal? Sweet! Here comes the invitation, I think.
My Mom’s new in town and looking for friends, I think you two would really get along. Where do women of your age hang out?

POP! There goes the fully inflated balloon of my illusion.

Life Over 50

Welcome to our blog. We’ve chosen to write about our journey as 50-something women living in a 40-something mindset. S and I will share our experiences and what little insight we may have gleaned from them and we hope you will share yours.

Life over 50 should be joyful. We are 50+ women experiencing life in a new way nearly every single day. In this circus we call aging, we have found laughter, tears and pure frustration. We’ve been married, divorced, unemployed, employed, paid our taxes, dated, cared for aging parents and through it all we have remained cheerful (most of the time, please don’t fact this statement!), loving, and generally, handle ourselves in a lady-like, dignified manner. The F-bomb and S-word have crossed our lips but once or twice. Our children have reveled in just how well we’ve done in our trials and tribulations, actually, they’ve constantly questioned our sanity!, Okay, okay, you’re right, we have cursed, ranted, cried, but mostly we laugh. But what is life if not expressing yourself to the fullest.

Dye your gray! Botox! Plastic Surgery! Yoga! Zumba! Honestly, the anti-aging fight is everywhere. While we do dye our hair, exercise and try to eat right, we don’t want to fight aging, we want to embrace it. At some point, we may consider more. We will laugh about aging, vent about it and generally try to figure out how to wade through it with our sanity intact.

Please join us. All of your comments are gratefully accepted.