A Trip to Walgreens

After googling natural remedies and deciding which ones I could use to fight my menopause symptoms, I took a trip to my neighborhood Walgreens. I sauntered over to the vitamin/herbs aisle and began my search. At first, I could not locate a single product that dealt with aging, specifically menopausal symptoms. Then I looked down, way down, to the two shelves directly above the floor.

Really, Walgreens? This is where you put products that help fight the symptoms of menopause? You do know that osteoporosis, arthritis and achy joints are all possible byproducts of aging?

I sighed, knowing that bending over for any length of time could not possibly be attractive, and sat on the floor to scrutinize their selection. I was trying to make an informed decision. I sat there, analyzing the myriad of options, all 4 of them.

WTH?!? Walgreens? Do you know that the vast majority of Americans are aging? Like all of them? Nobody’s getting younger!

But I digress. As I sat on the cold tile floor, perusing my options, a female pharmacist approached and said, “Did you find what you are looking for?” “Not yet,” I replied. “Maybe, I can help you,” she said, “what is it you are looking for?”

“You wouldn’t happen to have my youth, would you?” was my reply. She laughed, saying, “I think you got this!” as she walked away.

Are you interested in the product/s I chose? I’m more than happy to share them here with you and my thoughts on the effectiveness of each. We would be very interested in knowing what natural remedies, herbs and vitamins you use.