Sisters, Friends, Allies

When we first start life, every little girl is our sister, our friend, our ally. Unfortunately as time passes ugly little thoughts permeate our thoughts and we go through friends like candy. As this phase in our lives we’d like to go back to every woman is our sister, our friend, our ally. We find that we no longer care if our friends are thinner, prettier, have more money, a better car or a man! We embrace all of our nuances, revel in our camaraderie. Friends are to be cherished. If you have even a few that you can trust , confine in, laugh, and cry with, then you are indeed blessed. Grab ahold of them, hug them, support them, let them know how much you love them. Neither of you will be here forever.

We truly enjoy our time with our girlfriends. We spend our time together laughing and empathizing with each other.

The older we get the more we like being around other women. We no longer think of each other as competition. We don’t look at each other and allow envy to enter our thoughts. We are truly happy for each other when something good enters our lives. We are prepared to help each other in any way we can.

Do we like each other because at this point we all have stories to tell? Older woman are interesting, they have been around the block as they say. Come to find out being around the block a few times ain’t such a bad thing. It gives you character.

Boy, oh, boy, do we have character!
Are you a member of a women’s group? Looking for new members? Share with us and we’ll try to help.