Life Over 50

Welcome to our blog. We’ve chosen to write about our journey as 50-something women living in a 40-something mindset. S and I will share our experiences and what little insight we may have gleaned from them and we hope you will share yours.

Life over 50 should be joyful. We are 50+ women experiencing life in a new way nearly every single day. In this circus we call aging, we have found laughter, tears and pure frustration. We’ve been married, divorced, unemployed, employed, paid our taxes, dated, cared for aging parents and through it all we have remained cheerful (most of the time, please don’t fact this statement!), loving, and generally, handle ourselves in a lady-like, dignified manner. The F-bomb and S-word have crossed our lips but once or twice. Our children have reveled in just how well we’ve done in our trials and tribulations, actually, they’ve constantly questioned our sanity!, Okay, okay, you’re right, we have cursed, ranted, cried, but mostly we laugh. But what is life if not expressing yourself to the fullest.

Dye your gray! Botox! Plastic Surgery! Yoga! Zumba! Honestly, the anti-aging fight is everywhere. While we do dye our hair, exercise and try to eat right, we don’t want to fight aging, we want to embrace it. At some point, we may consider more. We will laugh about aging, vent about it and generally try to figure out how to wade through it with our sanity intact.

Please join us. All of your comments are gratefully accepted.