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Camping not Glamping

S – Just got back from camping in Wyoming. Yes, I know its fall and I also know I am not what you consider, “outdoorsy”…so my friends and family were pretty much sure I wasn’t coming back…but,  my cousin who has a little 1957 Comet trailer, invited me, so I thought what the heck. Give it a try!

MB – I was one of those who was sure she wasn’t coming back… I just knew S would lay awake all night worry about bears, mountain lions and those thoughts would lead to darker thoughts. Or when she heard there was only a porta-potty, she’d turn into a quivering mess. Fortunately, there was laughter, a warm fire and alcohol to hold her fears back. Or at least that’s what she tells me.
I can picture S now, she hears a rustling under the trailer, jumps up, grabs the empty wine bottle holding it like a bat in one hand, grabbing a frying pan with the other, she’s got this!

S – haha, anyway, my cousin belongs to a group called Sisters on the Fly. A group of fun, independent women and what a good time! We made lists, we shopped, packed more than enough clothes and more than enough food… which, let’s be honest, is a female trait. When we got there after a 3 hour drive we had to back the trailer into our space. Yes, we took over half an hour and jack knifed the thing time after time but laughed so hard we had tears running down our faces. Awesome!
After setting up our site, we wandered around the camp and began meeting the other women, who also, had some issues backing their campers in. We had a pot luck dinner the first night which again was so female and so delicious! Imagine what a guy’s potluck would look like? Can you say Doritos, hot dogs and beer? I have to admit the night did get cold when the sun went down so after standing around or should I say circling the fire to avoid the smoke for an hour I’d had enough.
The next day we went on a hike and to the hot springs in Saratoga which was so relaxing! We went into Centennial to have dinner that night as it was cold and a few of us just wanted a hot meal in a warm place… yep girls after all! Like I said, I am not “outdoorsy” but that made me want to go again. I might just have to join up with Sisters on the Fly!!

Black Friday Barbarians

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Thanksgiving this year. I brined and cooked a large organic turkey last weekend at a family get-together, so today I am relaxing. There are a few family members coming over later for dessert and games. A perfect day.

For an awful lot of people Thanksgiving is a day to prepare and carb-load for late Thanksgiving night and Black Friday shopping. My question would be why? Why find yourself in a crush of bodies fighting for some gadget or toy?

Black Friday shopping epitomizes the fall of civilization; is our consumerism so rampant that we must trample, injure and fight with each other for a screaming deal?

Retailers have little or no regard for their employees to subject them to such inhumanity. This is a new age of barbarianism.

My neighbor, will call him Attila, is currently mapping out his strategy. He has Attila Jr. in football pads and helmet to run interference when the doors open. His darling daughter, Catherine the Great, is to enter the store and veer immediately to the right, enter the 3rd toy aisle, snag at least 2 if not 3 toy Kidswantmosts, then make a beeline for the cash registers, saving them all a place in line. Meanwhile, Attila and Attila Jr. will head straight to electronics for yet another 50” flat screen TV and the newest game console. Mrs. Mario Andretti Attila will wait in the car with the motor running; on Attila’s signal, she will floor it towards the front entrance, scoop up all three along with their purchases, put it in gear and hightail it out of there to the next store on their list.

In some ways, we should envy them, sometime between 2 a.m. and 8 a.m on Friday, November 28th, 2014, they will have completed their Christmas shopping and now can spend the month simply enjoying the holiday.

I don’t know S, that’s a thought. Do you think we should try it?

Nah, I’ll wait until cyber Monday. I prefer to practice consumerism from my easy chair.


S – Every morning I hold my little angel statue and give thanks for all the people in my life and all the other little things I have to be grateful for. I like most people might not be exactly where I want to be as far as money and career but I have a wonderful family, great friends and a sweet little dog. If I have learned anything through the years it is that money comes and goes, which, don’t get me wrong sucks…  But when it comes down to what’s really important, it’s true, family, friends and health are at the top of the list. I am excited this year that my whole immediate family will be together for Thanksgiving including that new baby. My family together is craziness at its best.  We all joke, get each others jokes and feed off each other. Should be a fun day!  I have a lot to be thankful for, I hope you do too 🙂

MB – I say my gratitudes every evening before bed. This method helps me to focus on all the good my day held and let go of all the negative that may have occurred. I then express gratitude for how wonderful the next day will be. I come from a family of 8 siblings, most of whom are married with children and  a few grandchildren. Thanksgiving, or any holiday consists of around 40 people, noise, laughter, and the occasional sports argument. After dinner, the games come out, a round of Spot it!, Five Crowns, or the most boisterous one of all Pit. An outsider walking in may consider this chaos, but in reality it’s love, acceptance, and joy.

This year I am grateful that my daughter made it home for the holiday, that my son’s dog survived her surgery, on the road to recovery and that life is for the most part good. We all have our trials and tribulations. It’s how we choose to deal with them that dictates the quality of our lives. I am thankful that I have the freedom to choose to see the bright side and humor in almost every scenario life presents me.

We wish you a life of joy, love and gratitude this Thanksgiving.

Women In Black

We read an article today that stated “Women of a certain age should not wear black.” The gist of
the article was that as we age we should start wearing bright colors. Black highlights our
wrinkles and crepe-y skin.

Yes, well, writers of certain articles should probably refrain from telling me or anyone else what
to wear. You don’t know us. We like black. MB likes to wear a bright color and then a top layer of
black. S, being tall and thin (something MB envies),  can wear whatever she likes, some days she likes bright colors, others black. So what! The important thing is that we feel good about ourselves.

Aren’t we supposed to wear black for its slimming and classic effects? If you like bright colors, go for it! If you feel more comfortable in black, then by all means, knock yourself out!

There’s an old saying, if you wear it long enough it will come back in style. Our girls have worn clothing that is a spin on the same stuff we used to wear. S’s daughter even told her that she wishes S would have saved some of her stuff when she tells her “had that…wore that”

We would both rather buy just a few of the items that are “in style” and then mix and match them with what we have. We all have the classic favorites that we get complements on, why wouldn’t we wear those?! Don’t know about you, but we’re always fishing for compliments!

We do have to say, however, that men do not get the” what to wear at your age” articles. Probably because advertisers are aware that men don’t care and aren’t going to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. We think as women we need to work on this. Like we have said in other articles, we need to be happy where we are and not trying to keep up. There are so many good things about where we are in our lives right now!
PS – In all fairness –Men will buy any new technology on the market! But that’s a whole different conversation. Haha!

The outfit above is a particular favorite.

Your Hair, Your Choice

Have we all had a Mom that cut our hair into a “pixie” because it was the style and she was tired of combing the knots out of it? We have and we have shed many a tear over it.

MB’s brother had a bright idea when they were 4 and 5. He’d give her a sucker if she agreed to him cutting her hair. When she looked in the mirror, talk about tears! All her luxurious long curls, gone! We are sure most of you have had a similar experience.

Women and their hair are tightly entwined. So much of who we think we are ties into to our hair. And yet, someone else always tries to dictate what you should do with your hair. It’s personal! Let us decide what makes us feel good. And no more tying aging to hair style.

We are so glad that we are getting out of the thought process that when you get older, you cut your hair short.  We really think that you should wear the hair that looks good on you at any age.  If you have always had short hair and like it, then you should wear it that way.  Same for long. In conversations with men we have learned that they don’t understand this phenomenon. They don’t think a woman has to cut her hair just because she is older, We like those men.  We have always had long hair and until it thins out or, maybe we can’t raise our arms high enough to fix it, we’re staying with it.  We can’t do a lot about the wrinkles, but, we can keep our hair long, our nails done oh, and our minds and bodies active!  Come on four out of five ain’t bad!

All your comments are gratefully appreciated.

My little bunny

Wow, what a wonderful experience! I got to be in the room while my daughter gave birth to my first grandchild. My grandson was born yesterday morning on probably the coldest day of the year so far, it wasn’t cold in that room though, the emotions and love made it very toasty. I am just in awe and actually having a tough time coming up with the words I want to say about this miracle. There is another little human being in this world and he is a part of our family. Couldn’t wipe the smile from my face or the tears from my eyes when seeing him for the first time.

He is now home from the hospital so the games have begun! My daughter called me yesterday to come help! When I got there mommy and daddy looked very stressed and over tired. Welcome to parenthood! It’s so true what everyone says. Much more fun to be the grandparent. I get to hold him and love him and go home to bed and get my much needed sleep. My daughter text me this morning to let me know she feels much better today. She got a whopping four hours of sleep. Yes, having kids is for young people. I would have called crying!

They have been asking me what I want to be called by the baby. The other grandma picked Nana. I don’t know. When did we start coming up with names other than grandma and grandpa? I have heard all sorts of names from Nana to Oma and nothing seems to sound right. People keep telling me I don’t look old enough to be a grandma (thank you!). Anyone have any ideas for names for someone who doesn’t want to feel like she’s one hundred?

Free the Spirit, Fight the Wrinkles

If wrinkles must be written upon our brows, let them not be written upon the heart. The spirit should never grow old. ~ James A. Garfield

As you grow older, you fight for somethings like your family and friends, you give up on others, like wrinkles and an aging body. Our spirits revel in people, emotions, celebration and not things. Oh but those wrinkles. You look in the mirror and think – “Who is that!?!” As you go through your day, the picture you see in your mind of you is wrinkle-free. Crow’s feet? Those are for someone else, not me! Lip lines and sagging and gray hair, oh my!

There’s an old saying, if you want to know how old someone is, look at their hands. Well, damn, it’s true. We’re still young enough that we can place our hands so they look wrinkle free. The drawback of leaving our hands at this angle is that eventually they will cramp. You know exactly what we’re talking about ladies! What is up with that? Not to mention that people may start looking at us strangely. What are they looking at? It’s a personal anti-aging technique.

Ok, you secretly wish you didn’t have to give up but the alternative is to go “under the knife.” Because let’s face it, you can use all the wrinkle lotions you want but once they are there… ! It might be in our best interest to nurture our spirit and quit worrying about the wrinkles. After all, we’ve earned every one and so have you.

Most everyone will tell you, a good diet, exercise and sun screen are the best medicines for aging woman.  Some celebrities would tell to keep a plastic surgeon on speed dial!

Wait, Wait, Wait, did we just refer to ourselves as aging women?

Did you ever notice that those people with a kind heart, a free spirit, or strong purpose rarely look their age. That’s what we are striving for; to stay young at heart and bold of purpose.

We are always looking for ways to fight wrinkles, yet, as we drift further into our 50’s, we are also looking for ways to continually nurture our spirits. And while this is a noble cause, we’d really like to nurture our spirit with younger looking faces. The heart wants what the heart wants.

Please help us – give us your ideas and thoughts on both of our goals.

Powerball Win

I buy Powerball, MegaMillions and Lotto tickets.

Why not?

Who doesn’t want to have more money than they will ever need? Although your dream of what you would do with that kind of money may be different than mine, I’m willing to bet that everyone has consider at one time or other what they would do with millions of dollars. Yes, I understand that my odds are better with that bet than with the lottery.

I’d also venture to guess that everyone who dreams of winning thinks of ways to help others in addition to themselves. Often for me those are my first thoughts, and I tell myself that I would actually be helping others for purely selfish reasons. In truth, there are several things I would do just for me.

I truly believe that anyone can win and all it takes is 1 ticket with the right numbers to win. The winners, according to news reports, generally fall into two categories.
Those that buy a ticket or tickets every drawing or
Those that bought the ticket on a whim.

Since I subscribe to the theory that I have a better chance of winning if I possess a ticket and in general, I don’t receive a ticket as a gift every drawing, I choose to buy a ticket. Therefore, when I win, I will fall into category A. I look forward to the day I fall into Category A.

Statisticians note that our chance of winning the lottery on a single ticket are one in 175 million. So you buy two, that improves your chances, right?

As I write this, I realize I haven’t checked my tickets today. When I bought it the clerk said, “I hope you win.” I told him I would remember him if I did. Woohoo! I won $3 dollars! Take that statisticians! Slim chance of winning, 1 in 175 million, you say!

It’s amazing how even the smallest win can make us feel victorious.

Excuse me while I go cash in my winning ticket for another winning ticket and give the kind clerk a $1 of my winnings. Sharing the win with him makes the win all that much better.

I can dream and so can you.

What would you do just for yourself if you won a large sum of money?

Waiting For My Grandbaby

S is going to be a Grandma!

My daughter is due with her first baby, like yesterday. Needless to say, she is now frustrated. The doctors tell her the baby will come when it’s ready. That’s obviously not what she wants to hear.

In all fairness, I went a week and a half over with her and so I feel her pain. Every day friends and family call or text her to ask if the baby is here yet. Which makes her even more frustrated, I try not to laugh because I am remembering how irritating that was.

I also have to admit that I keep wanting to know how she is because I am so excited to have a grand baby. What a weird feeling, very soon I am going to be a grandma.

Geez. Was it that long ago that I was rocking my kids to sleep, getting them ready for bed, getting them ready for school?I guess it has been. Oh well, time goes on but the good news is that I get a baby in the family that I get to hold and kiss and love and give back to mommy when it poos!!

Can’t wait :).

Anyone have any stories to tell on being a grandma? Would love to hear what to expect!!

A Trip to Walgreens

After googling natural remedies and deciding which ones I could use to fight my menopause symptoms, I took a trip to my neighborhood Walgreens. I sauntered over to the vitamin/herbs aisle and began my search. At first, I could not locate a single product that dealt with aging, specifically menopausal symptoms. Then I looked down, way down, to the two shelves directly above the floor.

Really, Walgreens? This is where you put products that help fight the symptoms of menopause? You do know that osteoporosis, arthritis and achy joints are all possible byproducts of aging?

I sighed, knowing that bending over for any length of time could not possibly be attractive, and sat on the floor to scrutinize their selection. I was trying to make an informed decision. I sat there, analyzing the myriad of options, all 4 of them.

WTH?!? Walgreens? Do you know that the vast majority of Americans are aging? Like all of them? Nobody’s getting younger!

But I digress. As I sat on the cold tile floor, perusing my options, a female pharmacist approached and said, “Did you find what you are looking for?” “Not yet,” I replied. “Maybe, I can help you,” she said, “what is it you are looking for?”

“You wouldn’t happen to have my youth, would you?” was my reply. She laughed, saying, “I think you got this!” as she walked away.

Are you interested in the product/s I chose? I’m more than happy to share them here with you and my thoughts on the effectiveness of each. We would be very interested in knowing what natural remedies, herbs and vitamins you use.